China’s soil pollution is not only a danger to China, but to all of us.

Demand more from China.

Fight for our environment today, our world deserves better.

We can’t talk about meeting the world’s environmental challenges without discussing the world’s largest polluter — China.

In 2015, China’s air pollution killed 4,000 people a day. The increasing level of air pollution in Beijing has even created a new disease – the Beijing cough.

It’s estimated that every year in China, nearly 750,000 victims of air pollution experience premature deaths. The air contaminants produced there are not only bad for China. China’s polluted air can travel as far as the Central Valley in California. Air pollution has even been linked to multiple health issues.

China is an environmental nightmare for all of us. We only have one planet; we can’t let it be destroyed by the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP may not care about its people, or ours, but we do.
Demand more from China, free China.

Our world, our lives, depend on it.

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Marxist China is one the world’s largest contributors of plastic pollution in the ocean. Combined with one other country, China accounts for one-third of total ocean pollution. By the year 2050, some estimate there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.In 2018, China dumped over 200 million cubic meters of trash into its coastal waters. 70% of lakes and rivers in China are polluted. The world must demand more from China.

Why is the world giving China a pass on its environmental abuses?

I am going to be completly honest, I had no clue of Communist China’s direct impact on my children’s future, until I really started to do my own research. It is VITAL as Americans, that we vote for policies that protect America’s soverienty and push for American independence. Vote FOR America Novemeber 3rd.

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The China virus has stolen something from all of us:

  • Loved Ones
  • Jobs
  • Social Norms
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Will to live
  • Mental Health
  • Purpose
  • Sports
  • Finances
  • Safety
  • Hope

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We Gen Z’s have had our fair share of violence and bullying. We might not have had an opportunity to confront every type of bully, but there is one we can stand up to right now.

Did you know that the way the Chinese Communist Party treats their people is even worse than the way they treat their animals?

I’m shocked at the Chinese government. We can’t let this type of immorality come to America.

In February, unemployment was at 3.5%. Our economy was booming. I got a great job and was finally able to get a place of my own!

Now, because of the China-originated virus, unemployment was over 10%. Our economy is limping along. I, unfortunately, lost my job and had to move in with my parents.

My dreams delayed. My desires deferred. My hope of proving we’re more than just a “lost generation”, postponed. Why?


China’s spied on us. China’s lied to us. Oh, yeah, and China gave us a global pandemic.

Fortunately, we can do something about it. We can get our generation back on our feet, out making a difference. Let’s take our hope back from those who tried to steal it.

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