Facts About China

Stealing Organs

China forcefully takes organs from their prisoners, often killing them in the process.

The prisoner was brought in, tied hand and foot, but very much alive. The army doctor in charge sliced him open from chest to belly button and exposed his two kidneys. “Cut the veins and arteries,” he told his shocked intern. George did as he was told. Blood spurted everywhere.

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Forced Abortions & Sterilizations

China is sterilizing women against their will and giving them unwanted abortions.

In a mission to purge the Muslim minority, Chinese authorities are tracking down hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslim women in order to force them to take pregnancy tests. 

If tested positive for pregnancy, the women are coerced into aborting the babies then often sterilized in order to prevent further pregnancies.

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Dog Meat Festival

Since 2009, China has held a 10-day dog meat festival to celebrate the summer solstice.

Thousands of visitors come every year, many of whom pick live dogs from cramped cages to cook and eat. 

“Dogs at the fair are in great concentration, with most dogs either dying or with illness. The cross-infection is serious. It is a potential breeding ground for outbreak of an epidemic.”

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China has created the most intrusive public monitoring system the world has ever known.

The Chinese government has deployed video cameras throughout the region, combined them with facial-recognition technology, deployed mobile-phone apps to input data from officials’ observations as well as electronic checkpoints.

The collected data is used to determine who is detained for “re-education”.

Basically, being caught doing anything the CCP disagrees with, even in your alone time, can result in an arrest and being sent to detention camps in an attempt to “purge” you of your wrongdoing.

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Detention Camps

The Xinjiang re-education camps, officially called Vocational Education and Training Centers, are imprisonment camps operated by the CCP committee.

Human Rights Watch has alleged that they have been used to indoctrinate Muslims since 2017 as part of their cause called “people’s war on terror”.

Thrown into the camps for offenses that range from wearing a beard to having downloaded a banned app, upward of a million people have disappeared into the secretive facilities.

“They treated us like livestock. I wanted to cry. I was ashamed, you know, to take off my clothes in front of others.”

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Ocean Pollution

China is one the world’s largest contributors of plastic pollution in the ocean.

Combined with one other country, China accounts for one-third of total ocean pollution.

Every year, ocean pollution kills more than one million sea birds and over 100,000 marine animals.

In 2018, China dumped over 200 million cubic meters of trash into its coastal waters

One example of the negative implications of this pollution is of a lifeless whale who washed ashore after swallowing nearly 100 pounds of plastic waste.

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Air Pollution

China is the world largest air polluter. 

In 2015, China’s air pollution killed 4,000 people a day and it’s estimated that every year nearly 750,000 victims of air pollution experience premature deaths in China. 

The air contaminants produced there are not only bad for China, their polluted air can travel as far as the Central Valley in California!

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Prior to the China virus causing a global pandemic, America’s economy was booming and unemployment was at 3.5%.

Once the virus began to spread our economy tanked, with unemployment raising as high a 17%. Of all the generations, millennials were hit the hardest financially and professionally.

Many young professionals lost jobs and financial independence which led to millions struggling mentally and emotionally. 

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Pro Marxism

President Xi of China states their Marxist political economy is the bedrock for China’s growth

These comments resemble those of Fidel Castro, Cuba’s former dictator, whose administration oversaw human-rights abuses, the exodus of many Cubans, and the impoverishment of the country’s economy

The founder of Marxism, Karl Marx, co-authored The Communist Manifesto and believed private ownership should be replaced with co-operative ownership and that it is imperative to abandon the idea that there is such a thing as “rights”, like “right to life, liberty, and property”

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