About Us

COVID-19, aka the “China Virus”, rocked the world, primarily the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Loss of loved ones, financial difficulty, home ejections, job loss, social life eradication, food and good shortages, market crash…we all suffered due to the China virus.

This got us thinking about what else China and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) may be doing without our knowledge. Unfortunately, we learned they are up to no good.

We believe it is our duty to let our generation know of the dangers of the CCP in order to protect our futures.  Millennials and Gen Z’s are the future, therefore we must stand up to bullies like the CCP in order to keep them from taking our dreams, desires and norms. By educating ourselves we will be better equipped to lead our generation in a positive direction.

Standing together

You may have come to this site because you heard about the dangers of the CCP or perhaps stumbled onto it by accident – either way, we are happy you’re here! This website is for you, whoever you are, wherever you are, the members of the younger generations who are awake to the fact our future is in danger.

We can no longer ignore what is happening in China. From forced abortions to animal abuse, we must become aware of the dangers of the Chinese government towards their people and communities  because, as many of us know, they are coming for us as well. 

The more “woke” we become to our enemy’s norms and plans the more we will be able to protect ourselves, our country and our future.

If we stand together, we can certainly make a difference for the Chinese people and for our own!

Join the team.

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